We have a 5 year old shepherd mix and a one year old pit bull we rescued a couple of months ago - both female. We needed help urgently as our rescue was displaying some ferocious reactions whenever she saw another animal. She also attacked our shepherd a few times. She had some serious resource guarding and some leash reactive fear issues.. and of course obedience training was needed. Within an hour or so of reaching out to Abe he followed up with me and scheduled an evaluation for 2 days later. My husband and I both really felt an ease with him right away - very friendly and extremely knowledgeable regarding the dog's behaviors. He continues to help us take on that leadership role in their eyes. Some of the things that they were doing we didn't even realize was a form of dominance! We have learned SOO much from him and our dogs are now bonding fantastically! Abe is the best "coach" we've ever had the fortune of having coach us! His skills and personable character are hard to find in one body so if you've found yourself in need of help for some basic training or for some scary stuff training - look no further! You won't find someone more qualified, more organized or more than willing to go the extra mile in order to help you!

Cindy m.


I would like to thank Wen tze for the tremendous help she has given us. She has taught us that what we thought was affection was actually dominant behavior. In addition her training methods have proven to be most helpful. We have a German Shepherd puppy that is 1 year old and very willful. With her guidance we are better able to handle him. I am very happy she was sent to us.

Gail R.


Tried other trainers without any success. Then tried Always Faithful. WOW!!! Abraham is excellent at what he does. Allie my dog and I felt a positive connection on our first visit. Such a pleasure to work with a great company.

Jamie b.


WenTze was the best! In 5 weeks (really just after the first lesson!) I had the confidence and tools to train my dog. It made the world of difference walking my dog, Gigi, each day when she would walk by my side and sit on command versus pulling the leashing and leading me. Gigi loves our walks together and I do too! She sits, stays and comes on command! I can't thank Wen Tze enough for her patience and positive energy. I would recommend her to any/all families in need of training :)

Jane K.


Our 3 yr old border collie mix, a rescue, developed a dislike for small children and strangers, especially men, around 18 mo (we got her at 10 mo). We called Always Faithful after I came home early one day, while the male potty walker was just leaving, and she was crouched on the staircase, shaking, and had relieved herself. We had used him for over a year, thank goodness we saw her fear in his presence (we both work). We called Always Faithful because we were at our wits end, she would not accept any new dog walker, male or female. Abe tried to work with here at our home, but then decided, since she is smart but complicated to place her in his doggie psychology center. She was away for 3 weeks and upon her return (except for her inability to "curb her enthusiasm"!) is a different dog. She has learned to remain calm when meeting strangers, still is the most popular dog in her 2 days a week day care center, and we look forward to a bright, "good dog!" experience going forward. Thanks Abe.

linda b.


Abraham is truly amazing within his field of expertise. We were having behavioral issues with our dog. He was very quick to assess the situation and understand the issues. His approach with dogs is like non other that I have seen. He looks at things through the eyes of a dog, not a person, which we had not experienced before. His training methods are extremely effective and easily adoptable. His style of teaching is 'command and control' but not in any way punitive. We trust Abraham's methodology and most importantly, we trust that he teaching our dog (and us) in a positive and humane way. Abraham is also punctual, friendly and reliable, which is hard to find these days! I highly recommend Abraham and Always Faithful Dog Training.

Melissa e.


Abraham has been excellent in helping us with multiple dogs and settling new pups in our home. He is also great to recommend the right course of action based on each dog given the variances in ages, backgrounds, and activity levels we have with our pups. My 3 month old puppy walks well on a leash, sits, stays, and has quickly picked up laying. The ease of having him in the home I also find very beneficial.

Scherrie l.


I recently took in a dog that had some behavior issues and hired Abraham to help. Although I have only had 4 classes, in home, training with Abraham for my dog, he walks better, sits, stays, and comes when called. I have noticed an improvement even though we still have a lot more to do. I picked Abraham after researching a lot of dog trainers because he has the skills to train your dog with whatever you need, from basic training, to guard training, to disability dog training, you don't need to look any further. Abraham is punctual, he's friendly and that's really nice when your allowing someone into your home to train, he's passionate about dogs and training. His training method is calm and all about your body language and voice, no collars, no treats to bribe dogs to do what you want, just your voice, that's what I love most because that's what I believe in when training a dog. He's very knowledgeable and that's why I always ask him questions so I can learn too. Sees things through a dogs mind and teaches you what that is, explains why a dogs doing what he's doing, and thinking, and that actually better helps you understand why you are doing what your doing to train your dog. I also have to mention that Abraham brought in another trainer that's in training, Lisa. I like Lisa a lot, she's friendly, smart, loves the dogs she trains, she's passionate, and she has the same simple training methods, body language and voice. Just really great dog trainers, that is really hard to find these days.

Yvette f.


Abe is a professional in every aspect. He genuinely cares about dogs and their owners. I would recommend him for anyone with a dog. He has done so much for me and my family.

Corey C.


I'm no expert in dog psychology or training, and can imagine different approaches getting good results as well. But I can vouch for the results we are seeing after only 3 lessons. We were having some significant problems with our 5 month-old pup in terms of walking on leash, housebreaking, defiance, jumping on visitors, and "pacing." Tho we have only worked on HEEL, SIT, DOWN, STAY, and COME, she has picked them up VERY quickly, and each command has a cumulative effect. The more we work Clover on one command, the more she seems to accept her position/status in the household, and is becoming more attentative and loving as well. Abe has given us lessons in our home. One huge advantage is that we can have the whole family there at the same time, and work with Clover in her home environment. It not only gives us a family activity, but also makes sure we are all on the same page with respect to the dog. Plus, he will kennel any dog he has trained for what I consider reasonable rates. I feel that I spend so much money all of the time and am just so-so satisfied with the goods/services I receive. But I am so pleased with Abe and the services he has provided, that I wished to share this with anyone else out there who might be in need of training. Abe impresses me as a real quality young man who is working hard to build a fine business. I am very happy to support him in his efforts by paying him for his services.

gail g.


I cannot thank Abe enough. I rescued a stray pit/shepard mix from the Chicago Animal Control Center a couple months ago. She was stray, through and through. She refused to stay potty trained, she was SO wild, wouldn't listen and started becoming aggressive to any stranger that came near the house. I thought I bit off way more than I could chew with Mia...and that's when I reached out to Abe in tears! Mia participated in his boot camp, since she showed obvious signs of aggression when he came over to do the evaluation. He got her into the next camp and kept me updated throughout her stay. I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to my dogs, so I called Abe all the time to check up and see how she was progressing (if at all!) and Abe was always very understanding and happy to give me updates. Two weeks later when Mia arrived home I cried with pure happiness! She wasn't nervous, she didn't bark at everything AND she came home potty trained! As she is a puppy, she needed a tad bit of extra help after camp to keep her from reverting to her old ways, so I emailed Abe and he came over that weekend to help, free of charge. Since then Mia has been a dream dog. I can take her on walks, to stores and have a conversation with my neighbor through the fence without her trying to eat them! I cannot recommend Abe enough. I thought Mia was a lost cause and Abe was able to bring out the best in her. When you reach the end of your rope-tie a knot in it and hang on AND call Abe!

malina m.


My dog wasn't controlled, he didn't pay attention and didn't listen to any commands. He marked his territory inside the house, on furniture. He was attaked by another dog and after this, he became even more aggressive. I couldn't control him anymore and I started looking for help. For the first couple lessons nothing changed, but after that Harley(my dog) changed a lot. Now I can walk him without a leash, he's stopped marking his territory and he's listening to commands. Abe has really helped us. Now we're working on protection, and Harley keeps surprising me more and more with his new behavior. The lessons don't stress or harm him in any way. Harley thinks of them as play time. I really recommend Abe because he had changed my dog for the better.

Kristina D.


My husband and I rescued a Boston Terrier/ French Bulldog mix. Our dream dog was always a Frenchie so when we adopted Cece, we were so stoked. It didn't take us long to realize that she was very smart and trainable, but also became aggressive toward my husband and bit him many times. She had a big jaw and did quite a bit of damage. Cece was always on edge, never calm and very aggressive on her leash during walks. It was the last straw with Cece and that's when we called Always Faithful and Abraham came to the rescue. We enrolled Cece in the 3 week boot camp. It was hard to be away from her for so long, but seeing the results, it was all worth it. Cece is so much calmer and happier now. Her behavior is improved and we now have the tools to continue to train her. Abraham has completely changed her and now we able to keep our sweet Cece without fear of bad behavior or her biting my husband. We are so thankful to Abraham and his team for all their hardwork and dedicated training of our dog.

Tracee d.


Abe is a very well organized, neat, and professional dog trainer who did a fabulous job training both of my dogs. I highly recommend his services to all dog owners who need help with dog training, walking or dog sitting. Abe is an outstanding person with a unique and special understanding of dogs and their needs. Thank you Abe!

Nika R.

Roxie & Snoopy too!



I have found Abe to be an extremely able dog trainer. His training style was immediately helpful with my 13-month old beagle; before a rambunctious cur, now a happy and well-mannered member of our family. As a veteran and member of the Marine Corps, he brings a proven methodology and discipline to his training that any dog owner would benefit from. I have also found him to be a very fair and punctual businessman.

Todd B.

Plan Commissioner Glen Ellyn


Dear Abe-

Just want to thank you again for all of your help and excellent advice concerning Kane. As you know, having such a young, large dog in the city definitely presents special challenges. Without having met you and utilized your training services for Kane, we probably would have had a much longer road of frustration! We certainly found you at the right time!

It is clear that you truly know your stuff and that Kane responds so well to you. He is always happy to see you and it's comforting to know that you sincerely care for him. That is evident every time you see one another. And we love to tell our friends how much Kane actually enjoyed "doggie boot camp" -- he learned a lot and had a good time, too. Amazing! :)

So, thank you, Abe! We will always be grateful and are also thankful to know that you always have a place for Kane to happily stay if we ever need to get away!  You're the best!

Kindest regards-

Patti and Blake

Chicago, IL


Abe has a sincere passion for dog training. We sought out a dog trainer about 3 ½ years ago (after three previous self-proclaimed dog trainers) and eventually was referred to Abe. We needed someone who would be able to help us understand our dog, Louie better and help us correct behaviors we didn’t know how to handle. Abe’s explanations are simple and he has an uncanny understanding of human and canine behavior which is a team approach between the human and the canine. The dog cannot change unless the owner can follow through and make changes in order to bring out the best in the dog. His training and handling of dogs does not resort to punishment or bribery of rewards, but a calm assertive, confident approach where the dog recognizes the leader. Our dog Louie adores Abe.

We have too many stories to tell about “Louie” but Abe was always a phone call away to help us walk through any scenario to a help us make corrections in what we did in order to have better behavior from Louie. Abe is a professional and has run a very fair reputable business. We would not hesitate to refer him to anyone who is at a loss on how to handle their dog. The result with maintenance on our behalf has been truly successful.

Judy & Jim

Glen Ellyn, IL 60137


Abe taught me what true dog training is all about. Unlike typical training companies Abe's methods are completely based off of how a dog thinks. The mistake that I was making is that I was thinking human to a dog. Abe taught me that thinking human on a dog does not work because the dog does not have the intellect to understand that but fortunately humans have the intellect to think dog. Once you learn to think dog, training is very natural and the results are extremely impressive.

Franky L.   Chicago, IL


I had originally had my dog in PetSmart group classes and can honestly say that my dog behavior got worse with each class! When I met Abe I knew right away he was going to get me and my dog going in the right direction. His methods make complete sense and work QUICKLY!  Thank you so much Abe for setting my dog up for a lifetime of great times!

Jenny A.   St. Charles IL


I have tried clicker training, treat training, PetSmart and even a dog interpreter! All of these methods would bring some results (except the dog interpreter) but never enough for me to really feel confident that my dogs were trained well. Abe's methods have finally filled that void and created that confidence. Thank you very much Abe!

Mary S.   Phoenix, AZ


I have known Abe since he was in grade school and a few years back I was going through a rather rough divorce with a former abusive spouse. I had real fear that this man was going to physically harm me and Abe happened to hear this through the grapevine. Abe soon approached me about training my dog for personal protection so I can sleep better at night. I thought this was funny because I had a 16-month black lab whose favorite activity was licking and jumping on complete strangers. Abe gave my dog a crash course on obedience and then quickly proceeded to personal protection soon after. My ex-husband found out about this and decided to come over one day to test my limits. I gave the command "watch him" to my dog which is the equal to cocking a loaded gun in personal protection training. The dog growled and showed its teeth and my ex took off like a bat out of hell! I could not believe how reassuring it was to have a strong animal as protection. As a close friend and former client, THANKS ABE!


West Chicago, IL


I worked with 2 training companies in the Chicagoland area both of which focus mainly on treat training. One even taught me to start with the treats and then slowly ween my dog off. This whole time I always thought the dog was not listening to me unless I would bribe him into it. To me dog obedience is just that, obedience not bribery. As most people who have treat trained would agree the dog learns to not listen unless you have a treat most of the time. When Abe came into my house I was skeptical for less than a minute. He quickly drew me in because he made so much sense in his training. It was funny how much of a difference training makes when you "believe" in the methods. It is even better when the dogs do as well! I now have a very well trained dog who I can finally say is "obedient". Thank you so much Abe! GREAT JOB!


Allen S. Little Rock, AR (formerly of West Chicago Illinois)


If your dog has ANY type of behavior issues call Abe. His pack leader techniques completely eliminated all kinds of belligerent behavior my dog was displaying. Jumping, growling, excessive barking, excitement urination, resource guarding just to name a few are all gone now do to my dog viewing his role in the house differently. Abe has given me 2-4 hours back in my day! My dog needed constant attention when I was home and forced me to live around him. Now my dog respects me as the pack leader and lives according to my rules and regulations. The best part is my dog has never been happier. WAY TO GO ABE!

Evan P.   Aurora, IL


I started with Paw Law then went with PetSmart. Both of those companies used very liberal techniques (that did not work) and one of them even offended me in my home by telling me how bad of a breed a German Shepard is! Abe is by far the most professional in appearance and skill! He treated me like family and offered advice even when training was done. He is truly vested in giving a family a well-trained dog! Thanks for your service to my family AND to the country! SEMPER FI!

James J.  Batavia, IL